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DuoWoman – Q&A with @midsizemillenial

DuoWoman – Q&A with @midsizemillenial

Meet Robyn Lynch aka @midsizemillennial; a bonafide boot fan and in her own words, “on a mission to empower other midsize women to love their bodies just as they are”. Read on and discover which outfits Robyn reaches for to feel confident as well as how she chooses to unwind after a busy week.


After a busy week, how do you unwind and rest over the weekend? 


I love having self-date days! They help me to reconnect with myself after a busy week, and I find spending time with myself is a great way to promote self-love. It could be anything from heading out to get my nails or hair done, to a little time shopping alone or even ordering a take away and having a night in with the telly. It’s really important to build a great relationship with yourself, and by purposefully spending time doing things you love – it helps me to build my self love and self worth.  


At the weekend, what are your go-to outfits that make you feel confident? 


There will always be a big place in my heart for a floral midi dress. I love these for meeting up with friends for lunch and hanging out. If I’m going out in the evening I like to go for something a little shorter like a mini dress with a milkmaid neckline or amazing flowing sleeves to make more of a statement. When it comes to Sunday I am all about the comfies, so if I am heading out to brunch I might go for leggings (with the all-important elasticated waist) with a great slogan tee or statement knit to be both comfy and cool.  

What does confidence mean to you? 


Being unapologetically yourself. Confidence doesn’t always have to be loud and in your face, it can be quietly accepting and comfortable with exactly who you are and exactly as you are in any given moment. To me, it doesn’t mean being the loudest in the room, but the most at peace with themselves. It is trusting in yourself, knowing your worth and having respect for yourself, without the need to prove it to anyone else.  


Where will you be taking your Duo Boots this August? 


I’m heading to a couple of festivals at the end of month and cannot wait to take my DuoBoots with me. I’ll be going to both Victorious Festival and All Points East, and I’m so excited to style my Agnes. They’re both comfortable and have a great fashion edge to them that works so well with festival style.

Describe your DuoBoots in three words 


Versatile, comfortable, timeless.   


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