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The struggle with finding the right calf size for knee high boots

The struggle with finding the right calf size for knee high boots

Our marketing assistant, Hannah, tells us her experience on how difficult it was to find out calf sizes from other retailers!

In October of 2018 I joined the DuoBoots team as part of a 12-month internship as their Marketing Assistant. Of course, one of the first things I learned when I joined was how great the choice of sizes was across their knee high boots. So when I was asked to research what the average calf size is of other retailers’ knee high boots, I knew this was going to be interesting.

I wanted to approach the research from the angle of a genuine customer who’s simply trying to find out the fit information of each brand’s knee high boots.

The challenge with buying knee high boots on the high street

I knew that other retailers would not have the same choice of calf sizes as DuoBoots, but what I didn’t anticipate was how challenging it would be to access the calf measurements of the boot styles I was looking for! Only three out of the twenty brands had the calf size on their website for customers to see. I contacted each of the brands directly through chat forums, telephone, and email to gather the information I needed.

Even the customer service staff did not have the calf size information available to them, which led to me exchanging several emails to access the information. From a customer perspective, the lengthiness of this process is not something you would expect when making a purchase from an established retailer. In some cases the customer service staff had to arrange for certain boots to be measured in-store to get their calf measurement, which did draw into question the accuracy of the information I was being provided with.

What calf sizes are available on the high street?

After gathering all the data from the brands I researched, I calculated that the average offering of a knee high boot has a calf size of 37cm. Only a few of the brands offered boots with narrow calf fit, the smallest offering boots with a calf size of 27.9cm (which is very small, meaning it’s probably inaccurate) whilst the widest calf fit on high street measured at 46cm.

This being said, I would like to point out how few narrow and wide fitting styles there were available on the high street, even from brands who proclaim to cater for the curvier lady. I found that they only offer one or two ‘Wide/Extra Wide’ styles compared to whole collections of knee high boots that are available to the ‘standard’ sized woman.

DuoBoots are bucking the trend

What I love about DuoBoots is their unique range of calf sizes that they offer in not just a few select styles but their entire collection, ranging from 30cm up to 50cm. Take the AW18 collection for example - which offered thirty-two different styles of knee high and over the knee boots – something for everyone, right? I believe that every woman should be able to remain fashionable and express their own unique style whatever their size.

As part of my internship I have also benefited from working in DuoBoots Bath store, which allowed me to meet the DuoBoots customer first hand, and opened my eyes to the struggle many women have experienced when searching for the perfectly fitted boot. It was a special experience for me to be able to deliver the perfect fit to women who have been ‘searching for a lifetime’ not to settle for ill fitting boots. These are the women who have been forced to size up in the foot in order to get a boot that will fit their calves – which I’m sure you can agree is not a compromise any woman should have to make.

"I have many Duo boots, and, apart from being able to have boots that fit properly, they are so well made and the quality of the leather is excellent. They do last for many years of hard wear. Why would you shop elsewhere?"

Jacqueline C. from United Kingdom

Every woman deserves beautifully fitting boots

I know DuoBoots’ head designer takes a personal passion in creating well balanced collections with each type of woman in mind. Your practical woman. Your stylish woman. Your everyday woman. And who said you can only be one type?

You are unique and so are we.

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"All I can say is they are perfect!! Have struggled for years to get a pair of boots to fit my slender legs, it’s like these boots were made to measure. So glad I found you online. Would highly recommend your company to all my family and friends."

Helen P. from United Kingdom

Our customers love their calf fitting boots

The whole team love to hear feedback on your boots and your personal experience with DuoBoots, so please keep writing your reviews. And we’re always interested in how you style your DuoBoots...so be sure to tag your posts with #myduoboots for your chance to feature on our Instagram.

"I have a very small calf/ankle and have never been able to wear knee high boots - until now! I am so pleased to have found Duo Boots. Not only do the boots look amazing on, the quality is fantastic. I will definitely be back for more."

Katrine S. from United Kingdom

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This research was conduced without the direct knowledge of the brands involved, I made enquiries with brands from the perspective of a genuine customer trying to source information to aid her purchase decision. Furthermore, the data gathered is based on a selected twenty brands and the reliability of the data is dependent on what has been provided by third parties.